RIPTIDE Masters and Tri-Athlete Training Program (Ages 18 and older)

September - May

The Riptide Team is committed to developing lifelong skills and healthy living.  In keeping with this commitment, Riptide's Masters and Tri-athlete Training programs will provide 18+ year olds a vehicle to meet the individual needs of Master's Swimmers and Tri-athletes.  Whether it is a desire to compete at a higher level, train for the swim leg of a triathlon or exercise to stay fit,  we will offer workouts, coaching and support customized to reach those goals. YOU WILL BE COACHED! Our staff is always on deck and work just as hard at your success as you do. Our Masters-Tri Program is coached by Mike Parratto and Amy Parratto.

The RIPT way…

We offer a variety of different workouts per day divided between 3 different fitness levels:

1. Fitness Swimmers - those who follow the workouts but do not want to participate in any organized meets or events. Swimmers within this group will have varying ability levels.

2. Masters Swimmers - participants may or may not participate in meets but are driven to improve technique and endurance.

3. Tri-athletes - swimmers have varying ability levels but are all driven to set and achieve goals. Swimmers may or may not participate in meets.

Practices will be focused for each specific group and will have different daily workouts within each fitness level to accommodate everyone. There are no requirements for the Fitness level but we do ask that swimmers can do both freestyle and backstroke proficiently.

Day one of your training will include an intake form so our coaches can get to know you and your personal goals while on our team. The more clear and concise you can be, the better our staff will be able to help you reach your maximum potential.

More info…

Cost: $45 per month

Facility: Bluewater Aquatic Center in Apple Valley

Practice Times: Mon-Thurs 6:00-7:30 am, Sat. 6 -7 am


To register please contact us at