The Riptide coaching staff takes great pride in the application of a consistent, structured progression plan for every practice group. Our swimmers learn proper, detailed stroke technique prior to transitioning to higher-intensity training environments. This patient approach results in fewer injuries and far fewer swimmers forced to “unlearn” inefficient and ineffective technique. We want swimmers to love the sport and we value a patient, proven development process to ensure each swimmer has the best opportunity to improve.
Our team offers free evaluations to determine what training program would be the best fit for each individual swimmer. At Riptide, EVERY swimmer matters!  Only swimmers who have had an evaluation with our coaching staff will have their registration approved.  If you would like an assessment please email Coach Olga at [email protected] to schedule. Please provide the following information in the email so we are better prepared for your swimmer(s):
  • Swimmer's best times if they have them
  • Prior swimming experience and location of swim programs
  • Age

Our process is open to anyone. We look forward to swimming with you!