For more information and before registering, please contact coach Amy Parratto via email - [email protected].


Riptide Masters and Tri-Athlete Training Program (Ages 18 and older)

The Riptide Team is committed to developing lifelong skills and healthy living.  In keeping with this commitment, Riptide's Masters and Tri-athlete Training programs will provide 18+ year olds a vehicle to meet the individual needs of Master's Swimmers and Tri-athletes.  Whether it is a desire to compete at a higher level, train for the swim leg of a triathlon or exercise to stay fit,  we will offer workouts, coaching and support customized to reach those goals. Our staff is always on deck and work just as hard at your success as you do.

Our Masters practices are designed in a similar manner to our age group practices. We all swim practices in a "team" format. That means that all swimmers will start the practice at the same time! The workouts will have two to three different levels with either different distances or intervals. Our goal is to create more of a "team" atmosphere which then adds to the level of motivation and quality of the practice. The coaches are committed to helping adult swimmers achieve their athletic and fitness goals. Additionally, Masters swimmers are encouraged to for help with their technique, training and competition goals. 


Cost: $60 per month



To register go to the home page of this website and click on "Start Registration".  It will take you through the entire registration process.  Masters swimmers do not need to fundraise or register with USA swimming unless they intend on competing in Master's swim meets.  Any questions please contact the Riptide Billing department at [email protected].

If you have questions about our Masters program please contact Amy Parratto, [email protected]