Silver Medal ClubHomeschool Team Overview


Our Riptide Homeschool program provides a unique opportunity for homeschool swimmers to join our competitive swim team during the “low-traffic” daytime slot in a nurturing, close-knit environment.  Though the goals for each individual swimmer will vary, it is our intention to provide exceptional coaching focused on the whole person.  Homeschool swimmers are not required to compete in meets, but will be coached to the same standard as a swimmer who will (i.e. this is not lap swimming or swimming lessons).  We believe that our Homeschool Riptide Swim Team may be the first of this kind in the country!

Riptide Homeschool

Minimum requirements for Homeschool.

2 lengths of the pool (50 yards) freestyle and backstroke with proper form. 

Strong dolphin kick for 1 length of the pool (25 yards)

Solid understanding of the breaststroke (kick and arms)

Swimmers must complete a quick swim assessment before registering for one of our Homeschool training groups.

Please contact Coach Anne-Marie at [email protected] to schedule an assessment.

Riptide homeschool is a program for homeschool swimmers that focuses on technical skill development in the four competitive strokes as well as learning  competitive swimming terminology, stroke drills, turns, starts and developing physical fitness and  endurance in a fun, less competitive environment.  This group will practice twice a week for 75 minutes including 10 minutes of drylanding and conditioning prior to the pool time. The age group ranges between 8-18 years old.  Swimmers are not registered with USA swimming and are not participating in the USA swimming sanctioned meets. 


Homeschool Team Scheduling and Pricing 

All prices listed are monthly fees.

The below schedule is for the months of September - May. The Homeschool team swims September through May and takes the week off in December and  March.  Accounts will not be pro-rated for December or March as the price reflects this built in break.  

September - May

Practices at Wise Swim School - Lakeville

First Practice:

September 12



12:15-1:30 PM  

1 hr practice plus 15 minutes dryland

2 practice per week

 $  76.00/month


Wise Swim School - Lakeville - 10491 165th St. West, Lakeville, MN 55044  (952) 435-1898