Weekly News - February 5, 2024

Amy Parratto


LAST CHANCE INVITE: Congratulations to all our swimmers who competed this past Saturday. The meet was long but went along smoothly thanks to our amazing volunteers and officials. The results are loaded into TU and SWIMS.

END OF SEASON CHAMPIONSHIP MEETS: All of our end of season championship meets are now posted. Make sure to be aware of the meet deadlines. If you have any questions, please contact your lead coach. Boys swimming high school should reach out to their lead coaches sooner than later! GO RIPTIDE!

COACHES MAKING A DIFFERENCE: Check out this great article highlighting some of the ways Coach Michelle Hopewell and Riptide Masters swimmer (and USA Swimming coach), Karin Clemon, are helping grow the sport of swimming in our community. This is part one in a 3-part series. Thank you for making a difference Michelle and Karin! https://www.hometownsource.com/sun_thisweek/free/from-fear-to-a-fantastic-feeling-one-muslim-woman-s-desire-to-swim-empowers-others/article_d07bc1ee-c129-11ee-9779-a39e484bdbf3.html

QUESTIONS REGARDING BILLING AND REGISTRATION: If you have questions regarding billing and registration, please reach out to Cara Pavek. Our contact information is listed below. Thank you 😊


  • Last Day of the Short Course Season: The last day of the season for those swimmers not competing at any of the state championships is Thursday, February 29th.
  • First Day of the Long Course Season: The long course season (spring / summer) begins Wednesday, April 3rd.
  • Adult Swim Training & Private LessonsGroup Training for Triathletes & Masters; Beginner Adult Swim Classes; Individual and Small Group Lessons going on now! For more information –contact [email protected].
  • Private LessonsRiptide Coaches offer 30 and 60 minute private lessons. If your swimmer is interested, contact your lead coach directly and they can help you out or recommend another coach on our staff.
  • Stroke and Turn Officials - Anyone interested in learning to become a USA Swimming Stroke and Turn Official - please contact Wendy Peterson at [email protected].