Weekly News - May 8, 2024

Amy Parratto


NEW CHANGES: After the first few days of practice, the coaching staff has decided to make some changes to group pool and lane assignments. Here are the changes…

  • Bronze Group – Will now practice in the 8 lane pool (lanes 1-2) M-TH.
  • Silver Group – Will now continue in the 7 lane pool (lanes 5-7) M-TH.
  • Senior Prep Group – Will now practice in the 7 lane pool (lanes 1-4) M-TH.
  • Senior Group – Will continue in the 8 lane pool (lanes 3-8) M-TH).


  • There are no afternoon and evening practices on Thursday, April 11th due to the Middle School Championships being held at the Bluewater Aquatic Center.
  • There are no afternoon and evening practices on Saturday, April 13th with the exception of Senior Elite.

SWIM MEET DEADLINE CHANGES: There have been a few updates to meet deadlines. Here are the changes…

  • STAR Invite – Deadline is TODAY!
  • SFST Invite – new deadline is April 14th
  • RSC Pentathlon – new deadline is April 14th
  • GREAT WOLF Invite – new deadline is April 26th

RIPTIDE TEAM BANQUET: We will hold our 2nd Annual Riptide Banquet on April 20th. Registration is open on our team events page. We hope to see everyone there to celebrate our swimmers and Riptide! Today is the last day to register!!!!

RIPTIDE WATER POLO TOURNAMENT: We will hold our 2nd Annual Water Polo Tournament on Saturday, April 27th from 1:00 to 5:00 p.m. We can still add swimmers / teams for the tournament. Sign-up sheets are at the front desk / lobby area. Check out our events page for more details!

WAY OF CHAMPIONS PODCAST: Check out this great podcast - https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/way-of-champions-podcast/id1223779199?i=1000646406511

QUESTIONS REGARDING PRACTICE AND MEETS: Reach out to your swimmer’s lead coach for all questions regarding swim practices and swim meets (see contact list below).

QUESTIONS REGARDING BILLING AND REGISTRATION: If you have questions regarding billing and registration, please reach out to Cara Pavek. Our contact information is listed below. Thank you 😊


  • Adult Swim Training & Private LessonsGroup Training for Triathletes & Masters; Beginner Adult Swim Classes; Individual and Small Group Lessons going on now! For more information –contact [email protected].
  • Private LessonsRiptide Coaches offer 30 and 60 minute private lessons. If your swimmer is interested, contact your lead coach directly and they can help you out or recommend another coach on our staff.
  • Stroke and Turn Officials - Anyone interested in learning to become a USA Swimming Stroke and Turn Official - please contact Wendy Peterson at [email protected].